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Golden Hope

The glittering words of hope are mere,

a few letters arched with a tip of pen.

Forced to live the relativity of a temporal life,

itched with the redundant barbed memories.

This throbbing pain is real while the golden

hope exists in a realm of a dream.


My Due

Again didn’t get my due ,

a mere tiny dew on the greenish

hue, it was here but now

It’s gone. A due that I

thought I earned , I was

told is now all burnt.

With blank eyes I see,

my share passed on to the

to the shadow on the right.

While I turned to my emaciated self,

the gloated shadow flipped its

monstrous ears , came and stood

this time on my left.

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Devil in a Sea of Men

Disguised in the

hollow curves of

your eloquent words,

do I hear a vicious

hissing ; whispers of

a conniving heart?

Why do I visualize

a serpentine on the rock?

I’m not beguiled by

your deceptive talks.

By the tinkering of your

silver coins.

For I’ve on my hump back

burden of enough winters

to mark a

Devil in a sea of Men.