The Dying River

I stole a kiss from the crimson Sun, an embrace from the sickly tree, a smile from the fading flower, humility from the burdened Earth. A spoon-full of water from that dying, river, its gentle waters relaxing one last time and taking a deepest sigh! I leaned in my insatiable greed knowing that it’s spirit …


I Am A Sucker!

Yes life hurls stones and pebbles fate bombards proxies, follies phonies but hold on…. I am a sucker for one more! I devour failure like a hungry homeless for I’ve nothing to eat so I gulp every failure down my parched throat till the-bitter liquid of failure syncs-with the juices in my emaciated stomach… Oh! …


In the darkest pits of soul lingers a little flame kept alive by the rays of purity. A perpetual fire, illuminating the grim core, burning the edges of stale misfortunes….. A lone flame standing its ground against cruel winds of fate….. Assuring that heaven is right there with-in us, surrounded by our own hells, and in …


While you were searching my whereabouts,I was standing next to an oak tree… when all the leaves came out of deep slumber and the wintery dusk descended, it was about time for me to lurk beneath those ancient roots and search in raven labyrinths, the meaning of icy darkness that possesses you and me and …


Am I nostalgic?  For the sinful youthful gone by, the momentary bubbles of champagne  burs-ted vanished into thin airs. Am I nostalgic?  Of the elusive lovers lost in the abysses of spiral times. Am I nostalgic?  Of the silent tears and melancholia heart of my youth! Am I nostalgic? Of my fleeting vanity  and the …


Swathed in the warmth of your skin in awe of deep amorous breaths, slow rising chest, those rhyming heat-beats provoking  gentle ripples in me. Without a hope for redemption under the ardent urgency surrendered and taken away to the prisons of your venereal mockings to be arrested under your love-spell!    

Something A Miss

Genesis began a void an empty black-hole on whose fringes blinding yellowness dwells. Something a miss in the center! What, I shall never know? A fissure somewhere in the embellish wall in-front. Always one brick less in the cemented wall of our existence…

The Day We Became A History

The day we become a history, the sepia air dampened the lush green memories,the hollow houses stood empty while the gleeful  ghosts of the past occupied shallow graves, that lazy brook saw it all with her tearful eyes, the azure skies didn’t budge from their stands while the ancient trees remained testimonials  of the day we become a history.


Fear is love it lingers… chases and  breaks, melting away in veins morphing into pulsating  heart-beats, strangulating in narrow lungs Fear is love!