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Cheap Bars

In cheap bars,

few words are exchanged.

Men and women are

lip-locked, desiring

a quickie and

some cheap booze.

Few roadside poets

aroused and induced

by blue gin and tonic,

pretend to dabble in

classical sonnets.

There are no

masterpieces here,

nor heroic tales.

Words are concieved

on the rough edges of

burnt joints.

Midst rivers of woes

and poetic verses

lingers a stench

of dead fish.

Everyone comes


Poets have homes ,

Men and women

have homes but

nothing is going on

in those empty walls.

10 thoughts on “Cheap Bars”

  1. Words are concieved

    on the rough edges of

    burnt joints….👍👍….the whole piece reminds me of L.Cohen’s “Closing Time”…I should get my mind out of the Cohen 😇

    1. “Johnnnie Walker wisdom running high”
      Thanks for your kind words, if you enjoy Cohen no need 🙏

    1. Thanks Dracula 🧛‍♂️ just wrote that 🙂
      I should check out Cohen, his music seems very famous.

  2. Hello dear Tanya. I was the bar room poet for twenty years. A poem for you.
    —We talk, we kiss. We dance to the holy Jazz songs. Your body against me tightly and I can feel your heartbeat again my skin. I told you. You are so damn pretty tonight. May I have another dance dear lover? She smiled and she whispered. We are the only one left, baby. We are the leftovers and I appreciate you. You can have more dances if you promise to keep me warm tonight. I told her. I would like this, darling. The Winter nights can be so damn cold and I promise to keep you warm.)
    Thank you for the amazing poetry dear Tanya.

    1. Cool 😎, glad to know. It’s different charm of doing poetry in bar room.
      The poem is fantastic, love it . Thanks for dedicating it to me, that’s really kind of you. Yes a dance in a winter night can really keep you warm for sure.

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