Swathed in the warmth of your skin in awe of deep amorous breaths, slow rising chest, those rhyming heat-beats provoking  gentle ripples in me. Without a hope for redemption under the ardent urgency surrendered and taken away to the prisons of your venereal mockings to be arrested under your love-spell!     Advertisements


Something A Miss

Genesis began a void an empty black-hole on whose fringes blinding yellowness dwells. Something a miss in the center! What, I shall never know? A fissure somewhere in the embellish wall in-front. Always one brick less in the cemented wall of our existence…

The Day We Became A History

The day we become a history, the sepia air dampened the lush green memories,the hollow houses stood empty while the gleeful  ghosts of the past occupied shallow graves, that lazy brook saw it all with her tearful eyes, the azure skies didn’t budge from their stands while the ancient trees remained testimonials  of the day we become a history.

Life Happens

We begin grand, lofty  curved, meshed up chords  entangled at the centers,  lefts and rights, inflated at  the very core  with crimson bloods raging and ranting in those youthful bulbous veins but then Boom! One  more sonic Boom! A Bang! Life happens…. I am no enlightened soul I am nobody, just address me somebody , but …

Wish Something Do Us Apart ( humor)

Auspicious rings are exchanged holy priest with a same weird slurp proclaims them man & wife, little did they they know, the perpetual struggle is the fate they signed for.   From now on they are soul mates in epic fashions of their parents who till lived agreed on almost nothing, It’s all but the …

Nineties Music

Twerking to lyres of profane pop, sliding steps, bouncy hips, oozing boobs thumping beats shaken to that 90’s pace, grooving, swaying to heart’s  desire, twirling neon yellows,oranges nasal notes, forget jazz ,vintage melodies or Chateau Petrus,  dive in cheap shots. today night lets struck those 90’s chords..


Appearances kept to disguise the gaunt silhouette  inside, mindless words uttered to subdue million cacophonies of shrunken brains, smiles and more smiles to contain the pools of burgundy pain, plastic tulips  silver cutleries and the glorious  dead shrimp lying in bed of frozen sprouts while giving away the performances  of life-time.   

Cold Insight

Hello all, I hope you all are doing fine, well the cold in my part is not going away. Due to frigid cold all my creative juices have seemed to be frozen , I am being knocked down by strong currents of  weather related gloom, well two things that are keeping my sane are Exercise …

Move On !!

For few dimes less in our pockets   don’t fret ,let’s just move on…. Around you are bigger mansions than  the squalor you dwell in don’t think let’s just move on…  Watching your only child play with herself again, simply smile and let’s  just move on… The neighbour got a sparkling new car, one that you …


I had a belief & acceptance that dimpled cheeked Cupid doesn’t knock on every door. The evil-eyed pretension came decked in the glittering robes whispering the thing Poets call Love, rekindling the spark of dormant hope in me, knowing that hope can be a pretension too!