Blind Date

I was tricked and set on a blind date,

At first glance we began to spew hate.

Whilst praising each other for appearance

looked every reason for disappearance;

still mustered a poem without coherence.

With his buck teeth he looked a beaver,

for me was a teen, had break out all over.

Between us lay a dead shrimp martyred

especially for the occasion .

In the end we left the dead fish in the bin

shook hands, split the aching bill

promised a venue to meet again

for the thrill.

11 thoughts on “Blind Date”

    1. It really was straight from hell, back in my college days. We both hated each other as soon we casted eyes 🤪🤪🤪

    1. It was awful we both couldn’t tolerate each other 🤪🤪, but definitely something I’ll remember forever.

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