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Ms. Matilda’s Woes

Ms. Matilda woke past the noon,

swooning to the Beethoven’s sad tune.

A mysterious ailment swipes,

over the modern women of her types.

These curious cases of daddys’ princesses,

of colossal estates and multiple mates.

Are inflicted with malady of swinging moods,

making them shudder at matchless boots.

Ms. Matilda sitting still in her bedclothes,

howled remembering how at,

the party last night, enemy women clapped

secretly when her golden heels zapped,

and as her crimson lipstick chapped;

she knew her teddy heart is in for a snap.

24 thoughts on “Ms. Matilda’s Woes”

    1. Thanks for your comment John, I’ve not watched “ The Righteous Gemstones” but I do believe all individuals irrespective of gender are capable of being cruel and calculating. Some women can be very harsh on others…

      1. Me too, I grew up a hardcore feminist, always fighting for female rights… and guess what I get my first job and my boss is a female 🤨. All hell broke loose, I was petrified….some women can be harder than men.

    1. True Ivor, it’s all about keeping appearances. It’s a satire on the likes of Kardashians… everything is so ostentatious and artificial!

    1. Thanks for your comments, it’s meant to be satire on the likes of Kardashians aka mean girls and the whole culture of false appearances!

    1. Thanks a-lot Drac, you know I’ve penchant for satire. I enjoy mock-epics and lampoons. It’s a take on the likes of Kardashians…

      1. They are awful, social influencers or whatever their profession is … 🙄

    1. Thanks 🙏 for your comments, I’m glad you enjoyed it. Just a satire on the likes of mean girls and Kardashians…

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