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Joyful Heart

Joyful is a human heart

aware that sorrow and joy

are two strokes of life’s art.

For the heart neither groans

nor shows any frown.

It struggles but wrestles on,

the grief of friends who are forever gone.

Heart is a traveller which dwells

in the crowd but wanders alone.

20 thoughts on “Joyful Heart”

    1. Thanks you for your kind words, I’m glad you liked it, much appreciate it 🙏

    1. What a wonderful comment, a wise heart that recognizes….I realized treasuring solitude in crowd is the best way I can regain some sanity.

    1. Thanks alot Chris, I’m glad you like it. How’s your flue now? Any improvements?

  1. Heart is romantic as long as it’s inside
    It’s an ugly organ stained in blood when outside;
    It’s symbolism of love, romance, feelings and emotion,
    However, is an altogether it’s different side!

    I am loving your poetry and feeling inspired to respond in verse!

    1. Beautiful lines, I’m glad your enjoying my work, it’s encouraging. I’m not a very experienced writer but trying 🙂

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