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Miss That Girl

I miss that girl who,

would run wild, and

was always ready to

smile without  breaks.

She loved without care

When the things 

got tougher simply

cried her heart out.

and life would get 

straight again, ideals

were lofty , heels

higher and memories

ran sharper, food

was always warm 

and drinks forever


Now many springs

later that girl

seek reasons to 

laugh, tears don’t

descend to heart’s

desire, lovers have

gone senile, running

requires plastic knee-

caps and heels are

trimmed to two inches

mark ,forgetfulness is

the way of busy life,

while food requires

a careful watch, the

bubbling drinks be

better left off…

Life might never be

straight again ….

I miss that girl!

62 thoughts on “Miss That Girl”

    1. Thanks Pankaz for your kind words, I must say I’m flattered also confess I don’t look like this anymore 🙂 that’s why the poem. The other day I was reading your article somehow couldn’t comment but I’m very impressed with your style of writing and deep insight way different from the conventional ones. You are great writer out of the box!

  1. Oh yes ….we all reach a point where we miss the younger us … ..but then there also comes a time when you find yourself again and celebrate life ….maybe not the same way but different is good too😊

    1. I know thanks for reading Sakshi, the thought of this poem came while exercising in gym and realization that things have changed 🙂 I am not able to run with same speed and need to stay away from certain foods! But I agree let’s celebrate life. Thanks a lot for your great insight! 🙂

    1. Thanks for liking, well old self is always there but aging is inevitable. Poem came to me while working out 🏋️‍♀️ trying to run and craving for foods which I need to stay away. With a young kid I’m so absent minded 😬., also even after heart’s crying things are complicated as before. Age is catching up fast!

    1. Dear G how very kind of you! Since my last delivery I’ve noticed great change in my body and stamina… this poem is based on that. How time and circumstances rob us of our vitality and rigor! Thanks for your kind words, I’m truly humbled!

      1. Well I’m doing much better than before besides anti-aging and Botox are always there and so is my husband’s credit card, what a relief 😅

    1. Thanks Anjali for your kind words, that true we all miss our younger selves, time when we were wild and carefree 🙂

    1. I know how things change what we end becoming, but guess that’s life, nothing stays forever. Thanks for stopping by!

    1. True Anjali we all do miss our former selves!
      There comes a time when you actually feel that your aging…
      Thanks for the compliment, some days camera does the trick 🙂

      1. Thanks Anjali, I try to be light hearted and use humor as much as possible in life and my poems..:)

  2. So relevant and everyone would connect. we don’t lose ourselves, we forget what we are with time, to become something that the world expects us to be.

      1. Very good. Cherish the younger you and keep her alive. And you’re welcome ☺️

    1. Thanks dear, yes we should always be young at heart.
      It’s my last year’s photograph….its’s kind of funny! 🙂

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