Flower Wreath

Meatloaf, A Tribute

A wonderful ballad,

once written with the

crimson hues, all in

middle of a raven night.

The most perfect composition

ever. A-sorcery of words,

forever sealed, in the

beats of my youthful heart.

Tune ebbs and flows,

echoing the magical words

“ I would do anything for

love but I won’t do that….”

( R.I.P Meatloaf, this poem is a tribute to most beautiful song ever written by a very special artist)

12 thoughts on “Meatloaf, A Tribute”

    1. Your piece is incredible, really enjoyed it. A befitting tribute to the great artist who touched so many of us.

  1. Meatloaf songs were the music of my youth. He wrote what the young heart was truly thinking. We wanted love and we wanted freedom. And we knew, we couldn’t have both. Good morning, dear Tanya from cold and chilly Michigan.

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