a hand out of sea
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Left behind

Why do I feel?

I’m trying to catch,

But I’m left far-far behind?

It’s not a step but ,

a thousand miles


But some days I don’t

even try, I can’t make

up for the untrodden

paths or stride fast

to reach where I


9 thoughts on “Left behind”

  1. The feeling of being left behind seem to be even more exaggerated during these exasperating times, and living by myself the void seems to be exhaustingly infinite ..😊🌏 I am not in the picture frame 🖼

    1. I can imagine your state, the emptiness in these trying times is excruciating! It’s futile to say things will be better soon..

    1. Yes me too, it’s hard to see everyone marching way ahead of you, while you simply trying to catch shadows some days I feel like an utter failure!

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