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Countdown For The Day

Morning sun shone
in its full glory. 
Coffee quarrels 
and stiff body.

Artificial catnap, 
guess sleep-aid pills;
again did it’s wonder.

Neighbor’s black poodle, 
Vanity lazing on mosaic porch
Lusting a blooming orchid
licking edges of master’s fingers…

Spray roses with no
fragrance hung neatly 
in cheap Edwardian vase
on a yellowish marble mantle

Incoherent gibberish bla bla
of quirky Morning shows 
incredulous laughter
delinquent  sarcasms

Countdown begins 
midst sips of sooty coffee.
Quality of life measured by
barrage  of human folly…

32 thoughts on “Countdown For The Day”

    1. Thanks a lot I wrote it long back, during darker phases now a days I am getting up post noon so don’t really know what goes in morning 🀭

    1. wrote it some time back, it was a lazy lazy morning and I just pondered over the activities around me! Thanks for liking it !

    1. I love coffee and writing :). There was a time when I wud sit in coffee houses for hours and read :). Thank you very much John for your wonderful comment!

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