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Sweet Grief

Sweet grief, come sit with me

relax, recline and rejoice.

I was aghast when you left me

at the dawn for the Sun to clasp

and the hope to flutter.

Sweet grief lie down with me

now don’t stomp or be in hurry

or if you attempt to leave

this time, I’ll hold you by

by your narrow neck and

show you what suffering

looks like, when the daylight

comes and the elusive hope flies by.

8 thoughts on “Sweet Grief”

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Shantanu. I called grief sweet coz if it stays, momentary joy will not be torturous. The fact that joy is fleeting is brutal. 🙄

  1. Ivor it’s lying with me ryt now but I prefer it’s company, at least not as brutal as a fleeting joy !

  2. Like the contrast.
    “Sugar coated pepper, rolling sweetly on tongue, screeching bitter down the throat. Salt immersed tears, holding onto blink, sinking every boat…”

    1. Thanks for the wonderful comment Drac, I feel fleeting joy is more brutal than the everlasting grief 😞

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