Indian Summer

I lay dreaming of an Indian Summer,

while greedily gulping last sips;

of my dying martini. An ecstasy

took over, with a stranger’s kiss.

As hemlock faded, here was an

Indian Summer once again.

34 thoughts on “Indian Summer”

    1. Thanks John, today instead of making coffee for myself I started my day with Martini… it’s very cold here!

      1. I’m glad you enjoyed the poem… make yourself a fav drink and enjoy the cold.

    1. Great thoughts as always. I just started my day with a Martini today, tired of drinking coffee and ginger teas to beat the cold. I look like a grandma with heaps of clothes and ginger teas… so I tried to have sensuous morning 🤪🤪

  1. Woah. Refreshing.
    You seem to be in a different mood. Sips and kisses. For a change something less serious from your pen.
    Your thoughts are finally on vacation, if you aren’t 😉

    1. Thank you 🙏 it’s very cold here, so I thought to start a day with a good drink. So these words oozed after that…. Instead of a coffee, it was martini.

      1. I’m trying to do that, I’ve sprained my right wrist a month ago. Since then I’m only resting…

    1. Dwight your comment is a beautiful poem in itself. Sitting here in cold, I’m dreaming of summers.. hence the martini and the hemlock. Thank you so much for your wonderful comment, truly appreciate it!

    1. True Eddie, it was an exceptionally cold day, hence the poem and the martini. I appreciate your lovely comments. Take Care

  2. I do love the Indian Summer. A wonderful poem shared dear Tanya. I wrote a new series of poetry today. About a painting and a writer. I will post in the morning. My two grandchildren are keeping me busy this evening.

    1. Thanks John for sharing your thoughts. Nothing better than dreaming about summer in chilly-cold winters. I’m gonna check out your poems. I’m sure your having a blast with your grandchildren….

      1. Sounds very interesting. I can understand John I’ve a 5 year old at home, I get what you are saying. Take your time 🙂

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