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On the broadway called Life ,

actors were many;

but the spectacle

was missing.

Some kisses were,

hurled but the

warmth was missing.

14 thoughts on “Broadway”

    1. Hi Ivor same here, haven’t been to any live show in sometime. Let’s hope things gets normal and we can enjoy some Broadway!

    1. Hey Drac, I wish things get back to normal and we can watch Broadway 🎭. As Shakespeare said , “ All the world is a stage …

    1. Thanks for reading Terveen, it’s great to have your feedback. This piece indeed was written to bring to surface the loneliness inherent in the human existence and the cold vibes!

  1. True. Something i wrote inspired by ur theme

    On the Broadway called life,
    the real play without any rehearsal,
    some enjoyed their tragedies, while some remained poker faced even in the joys,
    ones who thought they were hero,
    broke down after realizing their role,
    ones who thought they would own the stage left with a guest appearance,
    no actor actually knew when the backstage will call them back,
    dialogues were going to be important, but silence too had a role to play.
    those who adepted to the script moulded like clay,
    those who remained stubborn were played by the play

    1. Wow this is incredible, a very relevant piece. I esp liked the like some enjoyed their tragedies while some remained power faced… great line!

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