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Those who like to wallow,

in the noise of their

voices, can’t float in the;

stillness of silence.

24 thoughts on “Silence”

    1. It indeed is! Interestingly sometimes it is comforting in crowd and at other deafening! How have you been?

      1. Hi Tanya .. surviving ok … although lockdowns are tiresome. …my book is back, on both B&N and Amazon 🌏😊📖

      2. Good to know Ivor, yes lockdowns are dreary and exhausting! What’s the name of your book?

      3. My book is called “Tullawalla” … Here is my Chapter list

        Tullawalla. A Meeting Place

        Chapter 1.
        Nature, Trees, and the Air We Breathe
        Chapter 2.
        My Empty Hands Are Full, Of Memories and Rhymes
        Chapter 3.
        Dragons, Wizards, Faeries, and a Space Craft
        Chapter 4.
        Humour, Wit, Sarcasm, and Christmas Stories
        Chapter 5.
        Observations, The Sound of Silence
        Chapter 6.
        Travel. Air, Land, and Sea
        Chapter 7.
        The Family Tree and Dream-time Stories
        Chapter 8.
        Haiku’s and the Leftover Champagne
        Chapter 9.
        Not Horror, But Weird
        Chapter 10.
        Beyond the Blue Horizon

        Now available on Barnes & Noble, and Amazon .. yeah 😀

      4. Yeah …thanks Tanya.. It’s debut at #12 at Amazon Best Sellers List in Australia & Oceania Region

      5. Wow that’s wonderful Ivor, it’s great! I’m gonna check it out for sure

    1. I am so glad you liked it, I don’t enjoy company of people who like the sound of their own voices…hence the inspiration behind this very short poem.

    1. Thank you so much for your words of appreciation. Much pleased and honored to have you here on my site.

    1. It indeed is, silence changes you and when we speak non-stop it spirals into gossip! Thanks for your comment, your a wonderful poet 🙏

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