My Kitchen Empire

When my man is under the spell of elusive raven nights, I carry in my bosom a long -held secret, in glimmers of the faint candle-light   I carefully lay my eyes upon the shelves of my oriental kitchen, laden with my bridal  copper pots & pans, embellished of emerald peacocks and exquisite Mughal florets. …


Wish Something Do Us Apart ( humor)

Auspicious rings are exchanged holy priest with a same weird slurp proclaims them man & wife, little did they they know, the perpetual struggle is the fate they signed for.   From now on they are soul mates in epic fashions of their parents who till lived agreed on almost nothing, It’s all but the …


Pain often reclines at  the back of my parched throat on other occasions it runs smoothly uninterrupted in green veins, free-flowing,  as it is always the case love is conditional, whereas pain fills up the thirsty eyes,  morphing into tiny tender crystals cascading down the gaunt cheeks  without a bang or a crackle  so quietly, …

Madam Giselle’s Tragedy

“Makeupum Divina lipstickum  Hail Oh, scentum , perfumee lios Goddess Stilettum que sara sara”   Madam Giselle woke up to one glorious afternoon, and damn those long-long lashes stretching little over than the river Nile. Sparkling stilettos towering  way above the heights of the leaning Towers of Pisa! … Having Insight 24 inches waist Madam stretched her …

Daylight Saving

I overslept thinking it was a raven night,

but weather channel said it’s all hyped

get up there is enough light!

Green goddess Springdales has arrived

Wait I don’t see a single twig in sight,

my neighbor’s garden is still white!

Nineties Music

Twerking to lyres of profane pop, sliding steps, bouncy hips, oozing boobs thumping beats shaken to that 90’s pace, grooving, swaying to heart’s  desire, twirling neon yellows,oranges nasal notes, forget jazz ,vintage melodies or Chateau Petrus,  dive in cheap shots. today night lets struck those 90’s chords..


Appearances kept to disguise the gaunt silhouette  inside, mindless words uttered to subdue million cacophonies of shrunken brains, smiles and more smiles to contain the pools of burgundy pain, plastic tulips  silver cutleries and the glorious  dead shrimp lying in bed of frozen sprouts while giving away the performances  of life-time.   

Madam Neverhurry’s Mysterious Malady

Madame Neverhurry cousin of  Gustav Flaubert’s Mrs Bovary,awoke at past 12 Suffering from a malady Known as melancholy, Casts her glance on the Day’s chore, bored puts The blinds back on, deciding To have some high tea, Summons, mischievous elves On fire wings impatient Yells “to get lost and bring Forth aromatic mint tea with Hazel nuts three …

Cold Insight

Hello all, I hope you all are doing fine, well the cold in my part is not going away. Due to frigid cold all my creative juices have seemed to be frozen , I am being knocked down by strong currents of  weather related gloom, well two things that are keeping my sane are Exercise …


When I was young, I believed in emerald elves & golden goblins, they lived in tranquilly behind the tall elephant grasses, a glee takes over my face when I see vision of the whispering cloud A raven grim hovering around murmuring secrets of azure skies I can overhear the gentle cries of sullen crickets in …