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Words Never Fail

I’ve filled the voids of my soul with

slants of words, the curvatures of

alphabets to gratify the endless

nights of effervescent



In the deepest abyss of malevolent

nights, I’ve implored the meanings

of your desertion through the

arches of letters.


The denied kisses through the

strokes of symbols, the dearth

of touch with caresses of

half-formed letters on crisp

blank papers.


At times I am riding on scripts

while others overwhelmed

under their weighty connotations,

you see my love words 

never fail!


For they can fill up empty papers,

hinge together differing

borders, like the elastic  

ropes you can stretch

them to suit bleak

realities of life.



52 thoughts on “Words Never Fail”

      1. Enjoy your weekend, and if you try a good wine or food let me know!! Night Night!

    1. Thanks alot Megha, you are spot in, exactly why I write poetry to fill the empty crevices, thanks alot for reading. Truly appreciate it,

  1. Awesome. writer’s way of coping with alienation in love. Few lines that came to me after reading your work…

    I don’t write poetry anymore , I just re-write the conversations we had. They buy it as poetry. They find too much space between my words. Now how do I tell them, all the pauses belong to you.

    1. Simply wow, all the pauses belong to you, too much space between my words!! Brilliant and so profound! You explained all so beautifully!

      1. I am glad I could, it would be an amazing piece and I would love to read it!

    1. John thank you for sharing your insight, I am glad the words resonated. 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by my friend, truly appreciate it!

    1. David your poetic comment made my day rather night, lovely🧡. You are fabulous poet, thanks for stopping by!

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