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An Encounter

( A Narrative Poem based on a true encounter in the Himalayan Mountains)

Tyger Tyger, burning bright,

In the forests of the night;

-William Blake

As it happened one cold winter night,

I bleakly remember the air was of fright.

I trudged on a road tired and weary,

watching my steps turn heavy and dreary.

The air transformed into grim and cold,

trilling’s and chirpings came to an end.

Everything was clasped, by an eerie hold; .

A strange rustling, was it a fiend to slay?

Did I see a ghost in sight?

It pounced and perched from a shadowy bark,

as it tapped , I glanced at its speckled back;

A beastly creature, it has no match.

What are thou? I shivered at it’s types,

with speckled yellow and black stripes.

A terror took over my heart, which was beating fast.

As it fixated the gaze with ember eyes,

I knew, the ghostly spell has been cast.

14 thoughts on “An Encounter”

    1. Thanks Drac. All three are my absolute favourite and you could see the influence, esp. Poe for his narrative writing technique.
      The encounter with Tiger actually took place, not with me but someone I know very closely. As he was narrating, I decided to put in words.

  1. A creepy piece of rhythm rhyme with a ghastly finale .. I think “Slasher Monster Magazine” has started up again .. and maybe you could submit your gruesome poem to them

    1. Thanks Ivor, i should actually. I wanted to write a story on the encounter but instead ended up writing a narrative poem on lines of Poe. Thanks for your time and comments 🙂

    1. Thank you very much Tom, for your kind words and appreciation. I tried to follow narrative technique for the poem. I’m gonna read your stories at night, once done with the chores 🙂

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