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I wink at the half-truths with the kohl liner,

breath lies through blushes and mascara

click on those heels when the roads act rough.

Ensemble an armory of every feminine bluff,

and then put on that red lipstick to laugh

at the follies of this little world.

Happy Women’s Day ❤️

16 thoughts on “Armory”

      1. Yes it definitely is. It’s good if a woman can accentuate her finer features rather than cover up the natural ☺️

      2. 😊 Totally agreed …. accentuate rather than masquerade 💐by the way your poems are very clever and witty. I couldn’t comment because there is no option but you’ve some wonderful poems.

      3. Indeed ☺️ Thank you very much! I do appreciate the odd comment but I believe they can sometimes alter the perception of readers by trying to clarify its meaning and often mine can persist of multiple. I like to keep a wandering wondering mind and leaving things open. After all, the great poetry back in the day didn’t have comments either. Some things are best left be…🤗

      4. True, it’s better to keep mind wandering and perception open. You are right that there were no comments back then .. much better times!

  1. While make up is a bluff
    That reveals only the half truth;
    It at least gives an idea of a person’s feelings,
    Covid mask hides even the remaining truth!

    You are quite prolific! I also request you to follow my blog and enrich my ordinary work with your poetic finesse!

    1. True I believe the same make up is bluff but I love it. I already follow your blog and have left a comment, I don’t know whether you’ve seen it or not. I guess you’ll have to approve it first.

    1. Very well put as always with out smoke mirror, this hard knock life….your comments are as beautiful as your poems David. I like Cameron Diaz 🥰.
      Thank you so much 🙏

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