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Humble Humility

May be someday I’ll learn to

take a bow and kneel down,

but today is not the day.

Humility is not in town

and has gone astray.
And in my defiant defense

I wish to reign supreme, hence

it’s my aim is what I can say;

Word “sorry” is a pathetic misery,

it’s never my idea of luxury.

Humility is a humble virtue,

she preys on those innocent

most miserable kinds.

If you are in doubt she can sting

and really come at you.

12 thoughts on “Humble Humility”

  1. Thank you, I agree with what you expressed so eloquently. Although It wasn’t plea for humility. Too much humility is dangerous too…

    1. I feel like Devil today and yes I do have a little bit of attitude. I believe humility is too overrated and times can be hurtful.

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