Harp's Nylon Strings
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Words Never Fail

I’ve filled the voids of my soul with

slants of words, the curvatures of

alphabets to gratify the endless

nights of effervescent



In the deepest abyss of malevolent

nights, I’ve implored the meanings

of your desertion through the

arches of letters.


The denied kisses through the

strokes of symbols, the dearth

of touch with caresses of

half-formed letters on crisp

blank papers.


At times I am riding on scripts

while others overwhelmed

under their weighty connotations,

you see my love words 

never fail!


For they can fill up empty papers,

hinge together differing

borders, like the elastic  

ropes you can stretch

them to suit bleak

realities of life.



Humour, life

Wish Something Do Us Apart ( humor)

Auspicious rings are exchanged holy priest

with a same weird slurp proclaims

them man & wife, little did they

they know, the perpetual struggle

is the fate they signed for.


From now on they are soul mates

in epic fashions of their parents who

till lived agreed on almost nothing,

It’s all but the lawful decree…


After years of challenge against a planned

disregard, one will succumb take a

beat and offer incessant yeses

impromptu head-nodes, several 

conceited smiles, a reassurance

that I am still listening,


An affirmation that the ring from Christies

is still shining bright, then there are days

of extortions, money- launderings  just

when situation seems under control

bachelor St. Valentines is approaching

with 1000-dollar bills…


More blackmails and menaces are insight

monstrous-in-law are heard knocking

on the front-doors, opportunist kids

slid through back-doors waiting for

the right moment, siding always

with the opposite party.


Finally silent negotiations are made on 

the dinner tables, where sizzling hot

pies are served, each disgruntled

soul thinking I deserve the best

piece of that pie…

Love, Nature

Elysium (Paradise)

The moment when your glance fell on me

rivers of lust flew surging so many emotions

opening fissures of my soul, but as I stretched

my hand to feel the warmth of that glint, it

evanesced into a fourth dimension, as I

lay sunken in golden bed of desires, each

cell in my body bathed in your after-shadow,

that amorous silhouette engraved on my

bronze heart, aching for one last time 

the perfect rapture of bodies ,for the final

communion of my parched lower lip with your

upper lip, where dwells million diamond

dew drops, my sole pathway to 

Elysium after death!

life, Love, Nature

Child-like Blaze

In the deepest gorges of heart

dwells a child-like puny

little blaze,  


A minuscule  bright topazic

infant flame which glows in

the darkness of shrewd 

world of the 

grown ups


The little flame never  fades,

for it protects the naive

hearts, from falling

prey to the coldness

of the corrupt



The child-like hearts like oasis

remain lush and green

despite cruel parched

sands of the 




Rose Flower
life, Love, Nature, poetry

Hearts of Ashen Copper

Hearts of ashen copper refuse to

erode away in surprise torrential 



Adamant  and resolute not to dissolve

in scorching heats & mighty 

tempests  they stand 

their grounds .


For hearts of ashen copper  are deftly

crafted to withstand the snobbery 

of thundering bolts. 


But the ruby hues  wither away against 

cold  lovers who carry in their raven 

souls tall blazing fires of basal 



For hearts of ashen copper are no match 

 for the  insecure prudish sires who

tremble harder than those 

dying  trees


The sturdy scarlet hues simply snap 

against the jolts of venemous 

breaths and indifferent 

sighs ! 

feminine, Love, Nature, poetry

A Woman

Hour my body was crafted, it was-not a skilled

goldsmith or the master strokes of  Vinci’s or

Raphael’s nor was ever any

Michael Angelo .


But a humble iron-smith who did the menial

job,  took his rusted hammer and a dagger

carrying stains of dried blood  to chisel  

me-over the  blazing flames.


For I as woman were to be tried and tested , my

smiles were to be  scrutinized from every angle

 like dumb Mona-Lisa gilded in golden

frames of Parisian museums


My walks were to be controlled like those ugly

dolls with small feet, and pangs of thirsts  

denied  with lack of cascading wines.


Silent  saline tears shed on altars of the suffering 

suffering were to be shrouded with blackest

mascaras, and locked away in the folds

of satin pillowcases! 


A sense of doom of a cruel persecution always

hovered, dreams were kept in check,secret

lovers were sailed away so far on those 

dilapidated boats..


Prim and proper, a society lady I glided  on the  

white marble halls of my castle of gloom , swiftly

learnt to smile with cockiness at trivialities

while serving teas with burnt hands ..


From the golden window I envied the lives of few

lucky concubines , goddesses  of their carnal 

brothels, they kept their freedom by bartering 

their rounded Alps and whiffs Of fertile

Amazonian gorges.


Envious I wandered why my freedom was sold for

few dinners and fake smiles,while  scars on their 

manhandled bodies seemed to glow my  mutilated

heart was to be a forever mystery, hiddden safely

behind a giant sapphire.


While those  unknown harlots  burnt out by making

out with thousand lovers  , I a godly woman simply

faded  polishing a giant sapphire,

day in and out…








born again
Love, Nature, poetry

Born Again

In your eyes I found my redemption, yes

in your bewitching eyes, not in some astute

scriptures or shrines.


It was all in one glance that I savored the

rare nectar of heavens which angels

boasts of.


Reclaimed from the rubles of past, resurrected 

from the debris of bygone life, 


Immersed in  your seraphic radiance a born

again the moment you cast your

eyes on me.




let us you and I
autumn, Love, Nature, poetry

Let us you and I

Let us you and I once again

meet beneath the vast skies

hold hands and take long walks


In shadows of blushing trees of fall

on embellished carpets of florescent leaves

pour out the maladies of the souls


Listen in serenity few beats of our hearts

narrate to each other the ancient tales

of shooting-stars and broken hearts


Solitary nights and the bleeding cores

while taking youthful sips of  scarlet

wines flowing from the goblets of deep-sighs


Your fingers engraved on my wrists

souls fusing with souls, hearts-

melting with hearts


Let us you and I once again

meet beneath the vast skies…




look at my face
feminine, Love, Nature, poetry, woman

Behold darling & just look at my face

Behold darling and just look at my face,
do I need more ruby on the lips?
or need to walk alluring with sweeping hips?

Maybe I should too get bulbous bones fixed!
But love my darling is not a spectacle
No! Love is no rosy cheeks or her
dimpled face.

Poets of past who sighed deep and longed
for the fairer beings all turned blind!
Beauty doesn’t rest under your heels
Lures are not in bosoms but in depths of souls

I can arch my brows high if you feel
but you see you will again run up the hill
to find some jawbones are missing still!

Mistake not my tenderness for frailty
Or mark my words for random triviality!
Let’s not avoid me today as always in haste
Behold darling and just look at my face!