Madam Giselle’s Tragedy

“Makeupum Divina lipstickum  Hail Oh, scentum , perfumee lios Goddess Stilettum que sara sara”   Madam Giselle woke up to one glorious afternoon, and damn those long-long lashes stretching little over than the river Nile. Sparkling stilettos towering  way above the heights of the leaning Towers of Pisa! … Having Insight 24 inches waist Madam stretched her …


Daylight Saving

I overslept thinking it was a raven night,

but weather channel said it’s all hyped

get up there is enough light!

Green goddess Springdales has arrived

Wait I don’t see a single twig in sight,

my neighbor’s garden is still white!

A Man Of Interest

A dream that possessed One frightful night as I slept Heard faint echoes and whispers Terrified hid my face In the fleece Astonished saw Shadows of mermaids Sitting on edge Fallen in love With the same man Ensuing a complex dilemma Who will win him over and Be the object of his drunk glances and …

Exorcisim of Flue

Pray smiles to be infectious, not cruel flue Sneezing coughing reeling be transformed  Into jumping, dancing merrymaking  Let smile spread its rays not the contagious virus The agony and lamentation will strangulate you  Let in each house dwells a divine heater Providing warmth and protection of mother’s lap  Aloud bang, a sneeze last week in …

No Dearth of Fools in This world

One Monsieur Tiramisu perplexed Decided to hunt fools in the complex Modesty was his robe which he wore With unparalleled vanity and pride  Carried a machete with a daunting task Wiping out fools before dusk Stepped out of the house in the icy storm Looking for a trace of any delinquent in the town  Not …

Unsolicited Advice & People Behind Them

“The fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool.” William Shakespeare Lately, everyone seems to be knowing what I should be doing in my life. It looks like there are a lot many experts on my life out there. I’ve been getting a lot of advice from …