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Computer Dementia

My little lippo lappy

has missed passwords

and emails again ,

I feel this computer business

is nothing but in vain.

Yearn those days of Camelot

when paper and pen were

still a thing…

Now the screen is all blink blink,

I guess my heart will sink.

Little lippo lappy hurts like a bee-sting.

18 thoughts on “Computer Dementia”

    1. I know Sadje, I am very bad in computers. This absurd poem came up with John’s idea on a Dementia in Computer..

  1. Very clever, making your laptop a character…we humanize our technology, so it won’t de-humanize us..take care and say hello to Lippo for me 😊😊 P.S. Wasn’t Lippo the fifth Beatle?

    1. Thanks, it was an interesting idea to write upon, Dementia in Computers…
      Was it the fifth Beatle?

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