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Why crave that random

love, when we have

this Self-Love.

Is there not a dignity, in

claiming the love which

is ours and belongs

to us.

24 thoughts on “Self-Love”

      1. This by far is my favourite comment…
        Practice, practice, practice….
        Thanks David 🙏

    1. Yes many people are seeking love and validation and there are some who are content and possess a healthy dose of self-love.

    1. So eloquently noted, for spreading love, self-love is the first step in this direction! Very true, thank you very much for stopping by ❤️

  1. I heard a great thing last night.. it was this if you make a home inside someone else you will always remain homeless.. its what neglect can make us look for, its such a long journey to find that self love… and its the most important of loves.. to feel at home with one’s own heart and all it contains painful and not.. that is true healing… <3

    1. If you make a home inside someone you will always remain homeless… beautiful words. True it’s a long journey to accept self-love. We are always seeking validation… so true Deb. Thanks hun for being there…❤️❤️

    1. Thanks for stopping by, truly appreciate it. Self-love is something we realize over time, through betrayals and hardships.

    1. I am glad the words resonated with you! Really there is so much dignity in self-love, I’m trying to work on that :). Thank you for your kind words, much appreciate it!

  2. Thank you for sharing from your soul. I celebrate your post and you! Peace & power to you and yours.

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