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This afternoon the judgment day arrived.

I stood on the weighing scale and sighed!

That limping broccoli chicken is no magic,

numbers on the silly machine was tragic.

Shoved a forbidden burger in bulging belly,

vowing to throw that sucker scale

down the high valley.

49 thoughts on “Weight”

    1. Weight woes…
      I love food 🥘, thanks for your comments, guess we are sailing in the same boat.

    1. Broccoli 🥦 is one vegetable which has no taste…some days it tastes like detergent 🙄🙄

  1. hahah; loved this, the photo, the caption, the poem; and so current for me: I had just witnessed a middle-aged man with a wide girth demolishing a milkshake brimming with cream plus a sliced castle of a cake topped with all sorts of goodies: I drooled and thought, God, I would love to do that 🙂

    1. 🤪🤪, I am middle aged, I look at teenagers exchanging numbers in gym and doing multiple sets of squats. While I barely manage a squat and try to squeeze my bell ry every time I pass a hot guy… 🤪🤪🤪

      1. No one talks about fitness as much as I do 🤪🤪 but less squats !!

      2. Lol; I stick to the weight machines and cardiovascular machines like the treadmill, exercise bike and yes, climbing stairs 🙂

      3. Cool 😎, I do treadmill , cycling and little strength training . My knee hurts while climbing stairs. I stick to a slot of 50 minutes and just dream of workout to end through out🙄🙄

    1. True that, dieting never really works! I guess you are doing the right thing by eating healthy 👍. I should try to do that as well. Thanks for stopping by Sadje, much appreciate it!

      1. You’re welcome my friend. After spending a lifetime trying to lose weight, I’ve had enough. 😂😎

      2. I can imagine dear! I try to exercise, whenever I can to keep myself active. Diets never work and are so impractical in long run.

    1. Ivor true that! After a whole weekend of burger and booze, I’m gonna put the blame on scales 🤪🤪

  2. I waited so that my weight reduced ,
    Dieted, exercised but it refused
    To come down or stay steady at least,
    I forgot everything and started having daily feast!

    1. Wonderful poetry coming straight from heart ❤️ ❤️. I feel that’s what leads to binge eating at least in my case when I don’t see any improvement, I go for a feast 🙂

      1. Thank you ☺️!
        You made my day with such encouraging words, I’m really humbled that you enjoy my words 🙏❤️

      1. I’m chilled mostly, it’s a poem hence exaggerated, just enjoy, it’s a satire. I don’t take my weight that seriously 😐, but I exercise and try to eat healthy. I’ll turmeric water 💧 😎

      2. I’m in my mid thirties and not that overweight, guess have enough time to eat and shed☺️

      3. I think today most people habe enough wealth to survive. Only thing to be taken care of is mind and body. Most profitable invesment is investing on health. So that as long as you live , you are independent in doing daily chores and mentally fit to take on any situation

  3. Health is wrongly associated with apperance, even a 120 kg person can be healthy and fit and 70 kg person can be unfit . Weight is never the cause of concern, though it ctches most attention.

    1. I guess each to their own… whatever makes a person happy and confident, whether it’s losing weight or eating more! But I’m all in favour of exercise and keeping weight in check and going for yearly health check-ups!

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