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The Land of Food Lovers

“Mac-Donaldus Tacum, 

Infurnus Divina Steakum

Panem nostrum daily

coffeum withum summum



At every turn a Mac-Donald’s

at every curve a Wendy’s,

there across the road lay

a live breathing hot-dog

under the careful gaze of

cozy Connecticut Sun.


The lush garden free flows

with aroma of Dunkin

-Doughnut’s coffee, all I need

is a fabled pitcher of Greeks to

gulp it all down in one go,

such an aphrodisiac for my

fragile senses…


Now that I’m in land of free

I must uphold and behold

in my sight almost the mythical

Popeye’s Fried Chicken at the

corners of which rests the

pleasures of many virgins


 That legendary Roadhouse  

steak πŸ₯© the valor of which

echoes in my ears and the

glistening fat that will linger

in my veins for many years

to come…


The proud French can always

proclaim their victories when

it comes to their luxurious wines

from the regions of Normandy, 

but the Californian vineyards

are always a step ahead for their

perennial sun-shine and the

voluptuous grape-vines.  


May be it was not the vision

Martin Luther had in mind

or was never to be Lincoln’s

dream in hindsight but as

I smell the rich flavors of

decadent fries somewhere

I can tell you for sure, this

land is every food lovers

paradise !


As for me humble folks, some

say I’m a traveler while some

a migrant, but I know I am only

here to take few bites more &

will return to my land carrying

some flavors more, as I still have

to taste one last morsel from my

aging mom’s hands…






67 thoughts on “The Land of Food Lovers”

    1. Poetry is celebrating emotions, hunger is an intense emotion and I love food πŸ™‚ thanks for reading Shantanu!

      1. Enjoy your evening, I got a French wine the other day, I’ll drown in that!! 🍷

    1. Hey thanks Count, so glad you liked it, I knew you would coz you have a very witty and mock-epic style of writing! Great πŸ˜€

    1. You are my fitness guru, coming from you means a lot. I am so glad you like it, truly appreciate it!

  1. Absolutely love the beginning – I’ll have to to read it twice to understand where you stand – or simply ask you : are you in favor of that kind of food ? 😊 Excellent ending btw from artificiality to authenticity it gives a beautiful movement to the whole piece.

    1. Hey, Thanks for reading I truly appreciate it. As far as food is concerned, I absolutely love this kind of food but I eat in moderation and exercise regularly, however I don’t recommend it to anyone. I am very glad that you liked it πŸ™‚

      1. ha ha I wrote this poem in mock-epic style and the Latin invocation was fun too, a spoof of classical latin style!

  2. Great! This is Amazing ! Thanks for sharing this!
    Keep it up. I really loved it!

    1. I’m glad you liked it, I love trying new cuisines hence the poem. Thanks for you melt time, appreciate it.

    1. Thanks Johh, yes it’s the fast food lover’s paradise and as I am writing I’m enjoying my martini and pizza πŸ•. Thanks for stopping by πŸ™‚

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