I made my way to the temple,

more to set a perfect example.

I looked and turned to the left,

feeling myself quiet adept ;

entered a dirty squalor.

It was old Lucy’s, little bar,

midst neon and fluorescent greens;

I realized after the few sips,

God dwells here in the broken hearts.

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The Prophet

Met a wise man once,
Not a chiseled, silver beard monk,

But a weathered limping man.
A prophet he started to narrate a tale,

Not a saga of god and ablutions
Nor sordid scripture of poverty around

Standing majestic on the banks of holy river
He whispered softly in my ears

listen to the melody of the flowing water
Touch the humility of the trees

Feel the burden of the Mother Earth
Enjoy the seven colors of rainbow above

Tell me about God, if you a saint?
Mischievous he started to laugh,

So he spoke the words of wisdom,
A hypnotizing  look and calm demeanor,

God painted on the canvas of nature
A beautiful portrait of you my child

The first word of God is Adam,
The last word of Adam is God

God can not exist without man,
For creation is the master of creator my lord.

Stupefied I stood on the holy bank,
As prophet knelt and kissed my hands.





The Hermit

Once a man from mountains
Prayed in a little cave, carved
By the mighty slopes, in his
Dark little den, the hermit
Sought the benevolent god
Twenty-eight days and nights
Storms howled, giant trees
Uprooted, jackals growled
But the denizen without
Flinching sat still, on the
Twenty-eight day of the ninth
Month, a vision bright as thousand
Suns appeared before him
Midst topaz light, copperish
Radiant wings visible,
What seeks though? Asked
The spirit replied to the humble
Hermit, I only seek god
A loud laughter, a roar
You seek lord in hollow caves
In empty graves, for god
Rests where humanity dwells.