The Art Of Dealing With Toxic People

We all have had a tryst with the toxic people, either at home or work. They are best in spreading their negativity all around. Toxic people are the very embodiment of negativity. The whole endeavor of their existence is to spread toxic fumes in the atmosphere through mean and nasty behavior. They are Sadists to the core and enjoy inflicting pain on others either verbally or physically. They are master manipulators and avoid taking responsibility for their wrongs. No matter how many times you promise yourself that you will not get irritated or provoked, you end up getting frustrated.

I’ve someone in my family, who always gets on my nerves through his sheer negativity. The person of concern won’t leave any opportunity to criticize others. The whole atmosphere around him turns so poisonous and noxious. Gradually one loses the battle with humble old patients. We can’t avoid such people from coming into our lives, and that’s the hardest part. They can be our family members or a colleague at work or an annoying neighbor. How to cope with them is the million-dollar question?

Understanding The Psyche Of Toxic People

Behind all the negativity and toxicity lies a wounded heart. When someone condescendingly talks to you or looks down on you, it’s primarily because of his/her inferiority. Human beings are byproducts of their experiences and circumstances. Few unfortunate ones are sown in venom hence bear fruits laden with poison. Toxic people have been subjected to constant criticism in their childhood. They have a history of abuse and mistreatment.  Because of their low self-image, they try to bully others when they grow up. Since their hearts are devoid of love and respect, they are unable to offer the same.  Through mocking and criticism, they try to fill up the void in their lives. A negative person is a weak individual ridden with all kinds of complexes and guilts. You have someone whose self-image has been severely wounded as a child. The nasty and offensive behavior spring out of subsidiarity and inadequacy.

Learning To Deal With Toxic Individuals

Don’t take their venomous words personally no matter what. The key advice while dealing with toxic individuals is not taking their behavior seriously. You are in no way responsible for their rude and obnoxious behavior. Rather it’s a result of their low self-worth. Since such individuals are victims of their inferiority complex, they try to bring the other down to their level. The sadistic pleasure they drive depends on how the other reacts. Once one stops reacting, they are left powerless. In many ways, it’s a mind game, where one tries to provoke the other. Once you understand this mental game, you can easily ignore any insolent behavior. When confronted with someone of rude disposition, remember not to react.  If in case you find yourself in a predicament where a family member is toxic, stay aloof and dignified.

Toxic individuals yearn for drama, by not responding you refuse to be part of it. They are energy vampire and can suck up all your positive energy. Maintain a safe distance with them and never get into an argument with them.  Always surround yourself with positive and happy people. However, if you can’t avoid them simply bear in mind that their behavior has nothing to do with you. Rather than getting angry, sympathize with them. Make an effort to look behind the nasty attitude, and you will discover an injured soul.

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