Grief & Joy

Grief and joy Two sisters conjoint One conceived at dark Other begotten at dawn Grim grief of night gives Way to sweet joy of morning What’s one without each other Tear tickles wrapped  in joy Smiles spread swaddled in pain Happier ones are sad beings Gloomy ones are joyful souls What’s  perfumes of laughter Without …



I had a dream last night saw once again an old woman cooking saffron pilaf wearing a stained apron speaking casually some verses of random wisdom, don’t be proud in life destiny is more arrogant.

The Art Of Dealing With Toxic People

We all have had a tryst with the toxic people, either at home or work. They are best in spreading their negativity all around. Toxic people are the very embodiment of negativity. The whole endeavor of their existence is to spread toxic fumes in the atmosphere through mean and nasty behavior. They are Sadists to …