grey eyed sadness
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Grey-Eyed Sadness

On the wintry chariots of November

Oh! grey -eyed sadness you arrived yet

again , though the fallen leaves were

premonitions of the fast approaching

hours of our rendezvous.


But the fool  in me hoped this cold your

arrivals might be delayed but here I am a meek

little being already in your sturdy embraces my 

my grey-eyed sadness. 


While your disheveled twinkle-eyed sister

happiness is such a trickster, her feet are never

on grounds and is still busy playing childish



My grey-eyed sadness you so prim-proper

and grim and grey, it is baffling to me

 you endure my chattering companies.


Oh! grey-eyed sadness just sit by my side 

You only respite to my mistrusting-heart

for the twinkle-eyed happiness is elusive,

besides I’ve grown fond of you , I am 

pleased that you arrived even if you are 

before time! 

18 thoughts on “Grey-Eyed Sadness”

      1. Same here I am going to Dubai and India for some times to beat the winters here in Ct. it gets gloomy !

    1. Thanks 🧛‍♂️, I am so glad you liked it. Well November would be hard in Canada I suppose! It’s must be cold there!

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