Pilgrimage To The Groccery Store

For Ms. Andrea
A voyage to a grocery store is a holy kind
Pilgrimage to store after 6 is must
Painstakingly adorned hair with kanzashi 
Delicately crimson-painted lips
Sets out ethereally on route number five
Enthroned high on the corner seat
Majestic, every inch a royal
Like sultry Cleopatra on the golden voyage
Flanked on left by Michael kor
Ranked high on jimmy choo
Conjuring images of
The healing sage
The holy basil
Savory turmeric 
Aromatic rosemary 
Every aisle a divine shrine
Venerated with relics, figurines
Nick nacks and herbs 
Intricate floral anklets 
Made from Indian silver of the best kind
Miraculous argon pressed
sands of Marrakech
Delicate Chinese hibiscus 
Green emerald Persian pistachios
Victorian gothic chokers 
Every altar requires a gentle bow
Careful inspection, a silent admiration.
A grocery store seminary for every type
Married or not.  

28 thoughts on “Pilgrimage To The Groccery Store”

    1. Thanks bill, I love going to sprawling grocery stores specially segments where they have herbs and exotic spices magical Nick nacks this poem is dedication to after 6 grocery shopping.

      1. Thanks, Bill next time you got to a grocery store to segment of herbs and spices think of this poem 🙂

    1. Thanks Megha, I actually love going to sprawling grocery stores and picking up diff herbs and spices, seems so magical!

    1. Thanks dear, I love food hence I love writing about it! A visit to grocery store is fun sometimes, is it not?

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