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Sunny Days Are Here Again

Hello Friends,

Hope you all are crackling teeth in frigid temperatures ( 😝) of cold 🥶 Arctic weather  . Sipping hot ☕️ beverages  and sparkling bourbons 🥃 . I’m enjoying balmy sunny weather of 26 C (I won’t tell the place 😁) The sadistic side of mine refuses to share such pleasant weather least everyone end up reaching. Yes I’ve some evil 👿 in me.  The Sun 🌞here is very benevolent, beaches 👙  are warm and coconut 🥥  water in abundance.

I wish you advance Happy New Year and Merry 🎄 Christmas!

( In case you are ogling at  the picture of the tonned woman in skimpy clothes posted,  happily thinking it’s me, sorry it’s not me, it’s random😃)


Love, Nature

Lady Aloofness

The patron goddess
of lonely beings,
Lady Aloofness,
adorned in ashen
maxi enthroned
on errie silence
visited last
dampish evening
Between her
listening and
mine chatters
The maiden
Stillness stood
but the resolute
goddess coiled
around my neck
like a raven
serpent slithering
going mary
all the chords
dwelling in humble
throat, chocking
any word, hissing
away any sense
smothering any
desire with her
venomous fangs!

grey eyed sadness
Love, Nature, poetry

Grey-Eyed Sadness

On the wintry chariots of November

Oh! grey -eyed sadness you arrived yet

again , though the fallen leaves were

premonitions of the fast approaching

hours of our rendezvous.


But the fool  in me hoped this cold your

arrivals might be delayed but here I am a meek

little being already in your sturdy embraces my 

my grey-eyed sadness. 


While your disheveled twinkle-eyed sister

happiness is such a trickster, her feet are never

on grounds and is still busy playing childish



My grey-eyed sadness you so prim-proper

and grim and grey, it is baffling to me

 you endure my chattering companies.


Oh! grey-eyed sadness just sit by my side 

You only respite to my mistrusting-heart

for the twinkle-eyed happiness is elusive,

besides I’ve grown fond of you , I am 

pleased that you arrived even if you are 

before time!