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Valley of Fear

Between here and over there

Respites a bleak valley of fear

Where dwells wailing widows

Behind those green meadows

Mourning deaths of bleeding lovers

An ugly cloud over it always  hovers

I sometimes halt at the fork

Deciding which trail to unlock

Every path passes the same valley

For its almost a blind alley

Shall I take the track leading

the valley where moans of bleeding

resonates or just turn back speeding

Never to turn around in that trail

Where the drab and dreary prevails

But if I turn back ill be labeled a fail

For there are tracks we must take

knowing that our hearts will break

So I continue the march to the valley

without any further tilly tally.













19 thoughts on “Valley of Fear”

    1. Thanks a lot Bill, for liking it. There are curtains forks in life we all have to arrive knowing the our heart will break but we have to overcome fear and march on! Is it not?

    1. Thanks Count, I am glad you liked it. You are spot on, the fork in the road we all must come to where we play safe or take a risk. You framed it very well, thanks for reading!

  1. Yes, every trail will take your heart through valleys; fear of the unknown, drives you to hold on tighter. You unlock your heart step by step, not fearing the clouds that hovers; they shall pass, your attention is on the heart you hold dear. A little bit of fear is inevitable, but the blind alley is where you conquer those fears; as love forever prevails!

    A lovely piece!

    1. How beautifully you framed Warren that’s exactly what I wanted to convey, the trails we must take, fears we must abandon, truly appreciate your insight. Thanks a lot! 👍

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