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A Lone Train

Chuk Chuk Chuk Chuk…

A lone train screeches

as it travels through

the hollower valleys

and gasping Wastelands


Chuk Chuk Chuk Chuk…

Piercing through the

bare empty winds

bursting into open clouds

thundering straight into

the darker nights on

narrowest bridges


Chuk Chuk Chuk Chuk…

carrying in it the ghost

passengers, yes those lost

trekkers pacing across

the numb eerie silences

keeping  wrecked promises


Chuk Chuk Chuk Chuk…

stopping at  the haunted

junctions of few spirited

bandits, headless inherited

curse of slained and martyred

those slaughtered and mattered

to some cause.


Chuk Chuk Chuk Chuk.

The train trails along

Cracked tracks beyond

Dense woods, those wronged

Pilgrims but still moves on

on lonely lanes treasuring in it

vowed wrecked promises

of now vanished travelers 

Chuk Chuk Chuk Chuk…










41 thoughts on “A Lone Train”

    1. Thanks a lot, just like you I love poem with ghostly feelings, I’ve always been facinated with an image of a train on lone tracks . Thanks a lot for your insight, truly appreciate it!

    1. Yes it does, I’ve always been facinated by this image of lone train on tracks passing through hollow valleys, truly appreciate your insight, thanks a lot for reading!

    1. You framed it well and beautifully loneliness is hard but yes like this train it’s chuks along to keep wrecked promises. Thanks for your kind read and insight!

    1. Thanks a lot Jared for your kind read, sry for late reply just saw your comment. Truly humbled!

  1. I loved the way you have described the eerie feeling of an old train on a dilapidated track. This conjures the feeling of something lost and forgotten in time.

  2. Thanks Megha for sharing your insight. You are right old train on dilapidated track conjures up image of lost, I’ve always been facinated by trains somehow!

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