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The Autumn Winds

You embraced my being like the fallen

withered leaves of  the deceased autumn

Shrouded me from the chills and breezes

I leapt on to you for the  tenders caresses

and fiesty cajolings, but  then you  went

away like the autumn winds, abandoning  

me at a site where once stood an ancient

tree the siloutees of whose roots still lurks

in the muddy grounds like shadows of your 

long embraces on my soul, the dry barren

heart like the decayed hollows of the dead

tree, I lingered on rootless through the

burial grounds wept and sobbed at the

passing of your warm kisses and gentle

touches just like the death of autumn of 




36 thoughts on “The Autumn Winds”

    1. Thanks a lot Dracula, meloncholia hits sometimes but still I am careful of not to smuge my makeup 💄 what if Pan Goatee bumps into me?

    1. Hi dear, thanks a lot for liking. Just wrote lady evening after feeling a bit sad. Anyways how are you doing ?

      1. That’s fine dear, I can understand. Hugs to you dear, take care ❤️❤️

    1. Hi Bill, thanks a lot for reading and your insight. I am so glad that you liked, I just wrote last evening feeling pangs of Meloncholia. Have a great day ahead!

      1. I completely understand. Even if I have a theme planned for my daily writing…that is quickly over written by my mood/emotions at the time.

        I have a beautiful fall day before me…and I hope to enjoy it fully. I wish the same for you!

      2. Guess you are right, Poetry is spontaneous recollections irrespective what theme we plan

    1. Hi Moushmi, I am glad you liked and the words resonated, however I didn’t want you to feel sad. So cheer up 😊 and have a wonderful day ahead😊

    1. Thanks I am so glad you liked it, coming from such talented poet as you, makes me truly humbled. Thank you!

    1. Thanks Megha for your in depth readings of my poem and leaving an insight, I am truly humbled. Nature always inspires me!

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