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Doe Eyed Mercy

The doe-eyed mercy

paid a visit last night,

the heavenly, at times

a wretched appearance

of bleak pathos…

It coiled round and

round my sunken heart

hissing gradually stealthily

like giant headless

serpents seeking forgiveness

of misdeed long done

an act went wrong

decades back…

A deserving reparation

by throttling my fragile

heart to suck out all

the clemencies I must

offer, forgiveness I must

bid, as the porous

vapors of pity rose

from the sinful flesh

of burning carnal desires

morphing into the

tears of empathy

cascading on my hollow 

cheeks pouring from

the doe-eyed mercy



(Painting: Heer Ranjha, Shobha Singh)

23 thoughts on “Doe Eyed Mercy”

    1. I am so glad that you liked it, I truly appreciate your valuable insight. Thanks alot for reading, I am humbled.

    1. This is one of my favourite too, partly because of the imagery and painting by Shoba Singh, I see this painting at my aunt house in childhood was so facinated in s mystical way!

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