Fear is love it lingers… chases and  breaks, melting away in veins morphing into pulsating  heart-beats, strangulating in narrow lungs Fear is love! Advertisements


Valley of Fear

Between here and over there Respites a bleak valley of fear Where dwells wailing widows Behind those green meadows Mourning deaths of bleeding lovers An ugly cloud over it always  hovers I sometimes halt at the fork Deciding which trail to unlock Every path passes the same valley For its almost a blind alley Shall …

Dreams of Fear

Dreams of Fear Haunted by a terrifying image Of an old lady crackled withered Ogling at me through holes in the window For every Sunday night as I fell into Sweet slumber, a shadow, an image so dark Looked straight to me, menacingly Insidiously it too stood by the window An odor of rotten flesh, …