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Fear is love

it lingers…

chases and 

breaks, melting

away in veins

morphing into




in narrow lungs

Fear is love!

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Valley of Fear

Between here and over there

Respites a bleak valley of fear

Where dwells wailing widows

Behind those green meadows

Mourning deaths of bleeding lovers

An ugly cloud over it always  hovers

I sometimes halt at the fork

Deciding which trail to unlock

Every path passes the same valley

For its almost a blind alley

Shall I take the track leading

the valley where moans of bleeding

resonates or just turn back speeding

Never to turn around in that trail

Where the drab and dreary prevails

But if I turn back ill be labeled a fail

For there are tracks we must take

knowing that our hearts will break

So I continue the march to the valley

without any further tilly tally.













Fear of woman in window
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Dreams of Fear

Dreams of Fear

Haunted by a terrifying image
Of an old lady crackled withered
Ogling at me through holes in the window
For every Sunday night as I fell into
Sweet slumber, a shadow, an image so dark
Looked straight to me, menacingly
Insidiously it too stood by the window
An odor of rotten flesh, decomposing laughter
Filled the hollow air wandering
Terror plagued body when thought
Of shutting eyes, in a tongue alien
She babbled incoherent verses
Startling codes would appear in the empty air
Days, weeks passed unable to break the spell
Fear of an impending doom, fright struck my heart
Refusing to bow down, mustered the strength
For a close encounter one dark night
Slept early for a rendezvous so common
As closed my eyes, a bright topaz light
Visible before me, sight so grotesque
Awestruck but pretend least affected
I dared to outshine in her own game
We both stared piercingly into other’s eyes
Without flickering for a second, her babbles
Met with my jabbers, today I will face you down
And sneered at her maneuvers, till first rays of dawn
Blinded my eye to witness the image vanished
The last encounter parted ways
The prophecy of doom was over
Spell of horror was broken,
A valuable lesson learned in life
When met with fear, look straight!