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Tick-Tick of A Water-Drop

A faint tick-tick of a water-drop

Dripping from a rustic-tap

Echoing through the lazy nights

Almost like a sweet lullaby

Dab-dab of my throbbing heart

The time pauses between the

The two knocks, an ancient

Cradle song lulling me into slumber

But a sound sleep is a distant

Mirage, it seldom knocks

On doors of lonely ones

while some are melting in

the heats of night submerged

in passion filled-songs

others might be again re-

living some vague visions

an ant crawls up my sleeves

searching a crack or fissure

to nap for a while looking

straight in my gaunt eyes

but she has some woe

as me, isolate she just

like me just runs here-

there all this when time

ceases between the 

tick-tick a of water-drop

19 thoughts on “Tick-Tick of A Water-Drop”

    1. Thanks a lot Shantanu, for your kind read. I knew you will love the ant story, you enjoy stories don’t you?

  1. Beautifully written, Tanya. I like the association between the dripping tap and the throbbing heart. You have worded it very well with the onomatopeic sounds “tick- tick” and “dab-dab” increasing the lovely flow and musicality in each verse. I find the female gender specification of the ant interesting. There seems to be certain rivalry between the she-insect, so apparently insignificant for its smallness, compared to the human being that tells the poem. However, at the same, there is also some identification between the two beings; both feel loneliness and meet each other in time, marked by the intervals of the tick-tick coming from the dripping tap.

    1. Thanks a lot for your detailed analysis, it all happened one night while I was trying to sleep while listening to the the tick-tick of drops of water, I felt the intervals of heart-beats and tick-tick was very similar. Hence I conceived the poem out of it. I truly appreciate your analysis, its always feels satisfies to read literary analysis on the poems. You indeed are a great reader!

      1. Thank you, Tanya. Reading and poetry are passions of mine. Thank you so much for the follow too. I really appreciate this! Will get to more of your work.

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