Love, Nature

Lady Aloofness

The patron goddess
of lonely beings,
Lady Aloofness,
adorned in ashen
maxi enthroned
on errie silence
visited last
dampish evening
Between her
listening and
mine chatters
The maiden
Stillness stood
but the resolute
goddess coiled
around my neck
like a raven
serpent slithering
going mary
all the chords
dwelling in humble
throat, chocking
any word, hissing
away any sense
smothering any
desire with her
venomous fangs!

Love, poetry

Tick-Tick of A Water-Drop

A faint tick-tick of a water-drop

Dripping from a rustic-tap

Echoing through the lazy nights

Almost like a sweet lullaby

Dab-dab of my throbbing heart

The time pauses between the

The two knocks, an ancient

Cradle song lulling me into slumber

But a sound sleep is a distant

Mirage, it seldom knocks

On doors of lonely ones

while some are melting in

the heats of night submerged

in passion filled-songs

others might be again re-

living some vague visions

an ant crawls up my sleeves

searching a crack or fissure

to nap for a while looking

straight in my gaunt eyes

but she has some woe

as me, isolate she just

like me just runs here-

there all this when time

ceases between the 

tick-tick a of water-drop