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Tick-Tick of A Water-Drop

A faint tick-tick of a water-drop

Dripping from a rustic-tap

Echoing through the lazy nights

Almost like a sweet lullaby

Dab-dab of my throbbing heart

The time pauses between the

The two knocks, an ancient

Cradle song lulling me into slumber

But a sound sleep is a distant

Mirage, it seldom knocks

On doors of lonely ones

while some are melting in

the heats of night submerged

in passion filled-songs

others might be again re-

living some vague visions

an ant crawls up my sleeves

searching a crack or fissure

to nap for a while looking

straight in my gaunt eyes

but she has some woe

as me, isolate she just

like me just runs here-

there all this when time

ceases between the 

tick-tick a of water-drop

feminine, Love, Nature, poetry

Let’s Call The Night

The endless shadowy nights are hard to spend

but still I wait for darker night to arrive

when the goddess of night, Nyx sits by

my side caressing and combing the tangles

from my ashen hair, envelops me in her  

shady mysterious grasps.


Over many sips of melancholic wine and

gulps of memories I narrate to her the day’s tale

midst many picks and puffs of smoke.

I bare my heart and pull out the agonizing

twines of soul before the mighty dawn

breaks and dispels us both.


Random details of trails I took, trudged on lanes

unknown, while she heeds to the

whispers of my soul stroking the sooty

hair, balms the inflicted heart sores, I tell her

how again he never came home.


She gently wipes the cascading saline tears

with her dusky veil, while I tell her how

day’s light causes me so many woes all

that which she already knows.


I urge her to hurry before scorching

red hot day again arrives,

smiling she replies don’t worry after

 dusk, It’s only me who thrives

Knowing that magical things 

only happen at night, she went 

flying on her ebony wings.




moon through trees
Inspiration, Literature, Love, Nature, poetry, Spirtual


As I sat bathed in random thoughts

At the edge of a vintage window

In the eerie stillness of one August night

I glanced upon a sight so astral

A celestial vision draped in pale 

A white heavenly silhouette peeking

At me through the darker ghostly leaves 

Emanating a softer radiance gently immersing

My entire physical form in an absolute

Glow so divine, I simply sat drenched

 In the ethereal luminosity, wondering 

At the miracles of mother nature.