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Raccoon- Eyes

Giant Mountains can be moved by the

sheer hands of a lone Hercules ,

Mighty rivers can change their course

of centuries out of just one prophecy

Tallest  Amazonian tree can be uprooted by

hammer blows of  tempests of the north

Yet my fellow folks there is one thing

harder than the all, for everything under

the Draculean Sun has been  smeared 

on the dark gaunt raccoon eyes from the

 holiest waters of mighty Ganges,

Zinger herb from the fertile

plateaus of Zanzibar, medicinal secrets 

from the ancient deltas of River Nile… 

Eaten forbidden apples from the gardens

of Eden to have crimson blood flowing

on purplish patches, had pulp of heavenly

Swiss cherries , took elaborate

baths in the silky waters of wines

from the fine regions of Normandy,

had stinky soap carved specially out

humble Mediterranean donkeys milk

enough to conceal  of late nights voyeurs,

even had the kilos of harrowing cheese

made out of one Arabian camel’s milk

but to no avail, all in vain…

My fair ladies and gentleman for when

a young woman in thirties suffers from the 

intense pangs  of Dark-Circles it’s hard

to cure, smooth virgin skins can not hold,

and the blue veins under eyes just

falls apart….


( This is my true story, tragic and painful as it sounds)


33 thoughts on “Raccoon- Eyes”

      1. Ha ha few blemishes add on to beauty just like few heart-breaks add on to love!

    1. Thanks Warren, you are absolutely spot on once you can look beyond anything can inspire you to pen a verse. I don’t always like to talk about my pain or suffering, I enjoy humor and wit!

      1. You’re welcome! I hear you, I can share the pain and suffering; but rather talk about the love, sprinkled with my humour and wit! Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Thanks a lot Megha coming from you it means a lot, I am truly humbled. Sure women across the world know how to turn pain into beauty, that’s what we all do most of the times❤️

    1. Thanks for reading dear, I’m having some shadows under my eyes , may be part of aging. I try to hide with my glasses and all kind of concealers and always looking out for creams to smooth them!

  1. I clicked “like” but only if you know that means I’m not liking dark circles — who wants that? — but your words. They’re dark-circle-free 🙂

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