Rose Flower
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Not Every Floret Is A Rose

To tell you the truth my humble folks

No one ever sang melodies nor I evoke

sighs of love, nor were woven any aching

hymns, no blind poet was ever penning,


ballads of mine love, while young lovers

were busy making love under thick covers

I was simply trying to stand my ground

Only trying to nurse some old wound


I did have few dry kisses to my share

Enough to call them some sort of affair

To keep the sluggish heart-beating,

And the crimson thin blood gushing


For I knew that true love is a luxury

A privilege reserved for not the many

I had vowed my entire life to a service

And all I ever did was the same service


Knowing that not every floret is a rose

Some of us are condemned only to compose

Verses of love in the long endless nights

While thinking of kisses in our imaginary flights







27 thoughts on “Not Every Floret Is A Rose”

    1. Thanks Sakshi for reading I know unhi imaginations ka Sahara Reh Gaya hai he he. Some of the poem like this I write I can’t stop laughing myself!!😉😉

  1. I laugh coz when we write verses we exaggerate emotions and pain but reality always is not this bad. Sitting on beautiful couch and drinking flavored tea just when husband took out for a dinner, only flowers were missing in dinner. 🤭🤭and I had to write it.

    1. Aren’t you one lucky lady ….but then see writer weave a world in their imagination…a world where everything is magnified … …..I won’t call I t exaggeration though coz in real life everything is suppressed so we go wild in the alternate world

      1. Thanks Sakshi, I count my blessings all the time while soaring high in imaginary flights!

    1. Good morning Bill, thanks a lot for reading this out and for your kind words, truly appreciate it!

    1. Thanks a lot, truly appreciate your comments. Please check your spam some of my comments may be resting 🙂

    1. That’s very kind of you Warren, I thank you for your generosity and of course the beautiful rose. Blessings!

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