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Haunted & Haunting

Let’s just call it a game of fate

you know curiosity has its own bait

few years ago, a vision would appear

when the day would begin to get dark

thinking it was just another prank

until it became a customary site

and I would go all too white

an appearance so eerie, hard to define

I wondered was it some folly of mine

for Its icy eyes followed wherever I went

prying how and where my time was spent

they said fear has a strange smell

with time my horror of it would dispel

I would casually wait for image to emerge

both haunting and hunted’s fears got merge

to all the Gothic tales it was just nothing

but a blot as haunted preyed on haunting.









23 thoughts on “Haunted & Haunting”

      1. Hey I read your poems they are great but never able to comment, something wrong with the settings may be!

      2. Hmmm…I thought I was seeing your comments. Weird.

        Try a “test” if you don’t mind, on my post today.

      3. Really coz my comments keep disappearing is there a Fourth dimesnsion where they go and you see!

      4. Hmmm…really weird.

        All I can say is that I so much enjoy, and look forward to your comments.

        We’ll figure it out.

        We’ll improvise, adapt, and overcome!!

        Sorry, I slipped back into my former military life there.


      5. It’s ok I’ve been a strict high school teacher, let’s move to another chapter and make a note of it ! I guess when the traffic of comments increases on W.P some comments go in spam, this is my observation.

      6. So…thankfully, this made it through. This darned WP world is certainly not perfect.

        As long as the words flow by some means…

        It’s all good.

    1. Thanks a lot Sakshi, I am glad you liked it’s all about facing our fears and preying on them. I am glad you liked it!

  1. Thanks a lot Shantanu, I am glad you are liking my poems, means a lot to me. I am truly humbled, very encouraging.

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