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Let’s Call The Night

The endless shadowy nights are hard to spend

but still I wait for darker night to arrive

when the goddess of night, Nyx sits by

my side caressing and combing the tangles

from my ashen hair, envelops me in her  

shady mysterious grasps.


Over many sips of melancholic wine and

gulps of memories I narrate to her the day’s tale

midst many picks and puffs of smoke.

I bare my heart and pull out the agonizing

twines of soul before the mighty dawn

breaks and dispels us both.


Random details of trails I took, trudged on lanes

unknown, while she heeds to the

whispers of my soul stroking the sooty

hair, balms the inflicted heart sores, I tell her

how again he never came home.


She gently wipes the cascading saline tears

with her dusky veil, while I tell her how

day’s light causes me so many woes all

that which she already knows.


I urge her to hurry before scorching

red hot day again arrives,

smiling she replies don’t worry after

 dusk, It’s only me who thrives

Knowing that magical things 

only happen at night, she went 

flying on her ebony wings.




54 thoughts on “Let’s Call The Night”

  1. The nights truly are beautiful for one can bleed out the heart’s pain in tranquility. Thank you for sharing such a moving poem! According to your convenience please do read some of my writings would love to know what you think about them ☺️

    1. Spot-on Sidharth, nights are beautiful, I love weaving poems in the darkness of nights! I’ll definitely read your poems and share with you my feedback! Thanks a lot for your precious time and words. I am truly humbled. Blessings!

      1. Thank you for respecting my request, if you read some of my poems you’ll probably notice that most of my poems’ plot revolves around the night time. Please feel free to explore any of my writings whenever you feel like, thanks again for respecting my request ☺️🙏

    1. I know right, I always feel that the mother-nature is watching me and understanding my woes. A way to console myself in tough times. Thanks a lot I truly appreciate your time and valuable comments.!

    2. I know even I visualize feminine creatures and take a lot of inspiration from mother-nature, it just feels comforting!

    1. Thanks Sakshi, I enjoying penning verses in night, I guess nights are my muse. I am so glad you enjoyed it, truly appreciate it.

    1. There is something so powerful and intriguing about nights. I love nights specially now that I’ve 18 months old daughter who doesn’t let me sleep at night, all I do is spend gazing into darkness and writing! Thanks for reading, truly appreciate it.

  2. Wow. What a different view. Usually day is what people look forward to but your poem made night such a beautiful thing. The only friend who understand your pain and gives you solace from the chaotic day and the broken promises.
    On a separate note looks like you are a wine connoisseur 😊

    1. Shantanu, there is something so mysterious and magical about nights. As you know my daughter doesn’t let me sleep at night, all I do is keep gazing into dark nights and weaving poems. As far as wine, I like wines for sure but I cant have more than few sips, helps me loosen up in reality I am a very reserved and silent person.

      1. The way you showed Night was a splendor. And I just loved your poem. Your daughter is certainty making you weave some great poems. Nothing harm with liking wine if it helps you loosen up 🌸😊

      2. Thanks a lot Shantanu, for your kindness. Surely she is doing her part in my verses, as far as wine once in blue moon is fine. My body is not meant for hard drinks or food, it doesn’t react very well. 🌸🌺

      3. My friend I tell u the secret women don’t like to be kind at any stage they like to be known as hot😊always remember this wisdom, and the world is at your feet!

      4. You have to be decent everywhere all the time my friend while knowing the secrets 🙂 it’s all sarcasm and wit really don’t take it otherwise!

      5. Sure it is and this is all in humour and wit! Humor takes over me sometimes 🙂

    1. Thanks a lot Bill for reading and leaving valuable comments. Aren’t nights magical and seductive?

    1. Thanks alot for reading Dracul Van Helsing, I was expecting your reply on the verse of night. For who knows night better than Dracul himself. Thanks alot for reading truly appreciate it!

    1. Thanks my dear, I am so glad you liked it. Nights are great,specially as mothers little time that we get for ourselves, it’s either night or early morning all before dawn! Is it not?

      1. Yes same here I’m awake many nights with my daughter she is 22 months, many sleepless nights cooking, writing and cribbing 🙂

      2. Yes children grow fast:) but yes I’m very tired now days esp coz all the work pertaining to kids ends up falling on our shoulders

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