Sinful Dips
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Sinful Dips

I took sinful dips in vast seas of love embracing

you tightly, with a terror of drowning in the

deep waters of desires. Wines from your

lips did wonders, for I went and came back

from the hell fires, taking sinful dips

in the waters of love.


Shedding all vestiges of shame, clothed only

in translucent moon-light while holding

you tightly, trying to sooth the amber

of my flesh with your cigar breaths.


I performed holy ablutions to wash off any

lingering doubts of cravings, let raven

hair loose to sway in directions unknown,

only to clasp a caress in my nets in the

deepest pits of desires.


While softly twirling on the rubenesque flutes

of thirsts, closed my eyes and swam to the

farthest corners of desire to discover a

dated relic of yours resting in the

sea-beds of my whims.


Knowing that magical things might happen,

I allowed myself to completely penetrate

in the realms of darkest fantasies to,

accomplish once a flawless rapture of bodies.

While you played your wicked games

I let lose more shames just to capture a

whiff of your perfume, to break an ancient

spell of absence while taking sinful

dips in vast seas of love.














45 thoughts on “Sinful Dips”

    1. Thanks a lot for reading this out, truly appreciate it. I am so glad you enjoyed it , humbled to see your amazing comments.

      1. Nah nah …all good … anger always is short lived ….died as soon as I finished writing πŸ˜†πŸ˜˜. Thank you so much for asking my friend ……work is a bit hectic so writing and reading is super slow

      2. Like mine, my anger is short-lived too, wish to be little more firm sometimes. I know managing work and home. Take care

      3. Thank you so much 😊 honestly I am kinda glad it’s short lived …… Firmness without anger is my preference 😜.
        Have a great day Tanya

    1. Thanks for your generosity, I truly appreciate your comments. I am really humbled that you liked my poem.

  1. You left me with no words …Starting from the title till the very end , you caught reader’s attention with your wonderful imagery …Tanya you are an exceptional writer …✨❣️

    1. Thanks a lot dear for your generousity, I am truly humbled by your kind remarks. Thanks alotπŸ™

    1. Very true Megha, these flights of imagination and dips are quest. Thanks for reading i truly appreciate your time.

    1. Thanks a lot Mr. Dracula for your kind read, truly appreciate your kind remarks. I am so glad you like it.

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