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Move On !!

For few dimes less in our pockets  

don’t fret ,let’s just move on….

Around you are bigger mansions than 

the squalor you dwell in don’t think

let’s just move on… 

Watching your only child play with

herself again, simply smile and

let’s  just move on…

The neighbour got a sparkling new

car, one that you will never own let be

and let’s  just move on….

Once again the boss didn’t bother  to

shack your hand, let it be and 

just move on….

The famed little black dress deceived 

you once more, it never fit you right?

Don’t sink ,just move on…

You waited enough for that kiss whose 

taste you never had …

Move on for there are no penance or

redemption yet, not everything in the

world  has a reason nor everything

meant to make any sense! 





13 thoughts on “Move On !!”

  1. Thanks a lot, there cant be reason for everything or sense,,, so just move on 🙂 Disappointments are hard but lets move on 🙂

  2. Beautifully penned 💖.
    I thought you had stopped blogging as I was not receiving any mails. I have no idea why I was not receiving notifications. So I again pressed to follow button. I hope I get notifications henceforth.

    1. Hey Anjali hope you are fine! Thanks a lot for your kind words, truly appreciate it!
      I am surprised for you not getting notifications, I guess some technical glitch. I hope you get now…thanks for checking out on me, I’m very much blogging 🙂

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