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The Soldier

Every time a son fails to return home, 

when the grim raven dusk descends;

A shooting star trails over the northern

horizon, leaving  behind million sparkling

diamonds, a hero is fallen in the battlefield,

my heart makes a shrieking sound, simply

breaking into two halves, his ground beneath

me stands still,birds in the brain stop chirping,

My boy hasn’t arrived home yet…. 

( Poem is dedicated to the brave IAF Officer Abhinandan Vartham, pray for his swift homecoming)

30 thoughts on “The Soldier”

      1. Yeah I heard, thankfully but they are suppose to release officers under Geneva Convention!

  1. I am going to reblog this Tanya ………..I was thinking of the agony his family must be going through…… It’s heart breaking….hope he returns soon

      1. you can re blog from the reader not directly from my posts, but once you army post and you can re-blog!e in reader see

    1. Hey thanks a lot Sakshi, I don’t know why you can’t reblog, I’ll check my settings! Hopefully he will return tomorrow !

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