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Lofty Desires

I aimed for the mountain

top while rare florets ooze

from the ground

beneath me, I longed

for the sparkling stars

neglecting the lapis lazulis

laying on the beds of the mighty rivers 

I craved to suckle on the

heavenly nectar, while

bees synchronized intricate

combs in my backyard

then when the dusk spread

its raven wings, I reclined

on my couch, cursing

the Fortuna for the missed

chances in Paradise, while

the orchards around prepare

for the early fruition.

27 thoughts on “Lofty Desires”

    1. Thanks so much Shantanu , I’ve enjoyed classic literature and have pulled out certain words to incorporate into mine 😉!

    1. How we crave for lofty things while leaving out what we have in our reach. Thanks for reading Bill,appreciate it!

    1. Thanks again for appreciating my words, you write so very good and I’ve read many poets who write so exceptionally good 🙂

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