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I don’t carry with me golden strings

of pompous words, nor an embroidery

of the  embellished locutions for 

what I carry in me is a bleeding heart

from where words gush out a greenish

pus from decomposing wounds forever

in loop for they never heal, as my brain

keep playing the same slapstick movie

again and again, my miserable spirit

trapped with in the grotesqueness of 

familial events, angered and then

sobered again!

35 thoughts on “Wounded”

  1. Dark, sad, painful, emotionally intense with vibrant and gorgeous imagery. Yes, there are wounds that never heal. And those that do become the everlasting scars that form the landscapes of our souls and bodies. A marvelous read, Tanya.

    1. Thanks a lot Martha for your kind words, few incidents and thoughts that plague us over and over again, like a bad movie. Thanks so much for your kind words, truly appreciate it!

      1. Thanks for correcting me Marta! I am glad you enjoyed my poem, truly appreciate it. Lots of Love!

    1. Thanks Count, aren’t the same incidents play in front of our eyes and make us feel miserable, as if we are in some kind of loop? Same thoughts which plague as day and night? I truly appreciate your humble reading!

  2. An emotional and sad plea from an anguished heart, your last few lines are painful,
    “trapped with in the grotesqueness of
    familial events, angered and then
    sobered again!”

    1. Thanks Ivor, for your great insight! You got it right its an emotional plea of anguished heart. Sometimes we are trapped with in our toxic thought patterns , like a bad move which is on loop. Thanks for take out time to read my poem, truly appreciate!

    1. Shantanu, bleeding heart might be desirable to others but not to me 🙂 Thanks for being always so encouraging, truly appreciate it!

    1. Thanks for your kind insight, my anger is always there its a process everyday, but then as the day passes I get normal. But its a same story everyday! However I am glad that you stopped by and shared your insight!

      1. we are always trapped with in certain thoughts which cause us the heart-ache time and again!

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