born again
Love, Nature, poetry

Born Again

In your eyes I found my redemption, yes

in your bewitching eyes, not in some astute

scriptures or shrines.


It was all in one glance that I savored the

rare nectar of heavens which angels

boasts of.


Reclaimed from the rubles of past, resurrected 

from the debris of bygone life, 


Immersed in  your seraphic radiance a born

again the moment you cast your

eyes on me.




45 thoughts on “Born Again”

    1. Piyush I guess it’s sorted out now, thankfully. Let’s see how long it stays normal, just crazy :). Thanks for concern, appreciate it!

    1. Yeah such glances come from my mom, when I do something wrong and I feel dead and resurrected 🤓🤓

      1. It’s actually romantic but to be honest most powerful glance which can you change you come from parents!

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