wedding rug
Nature, poetry


I looked myself in mirror

not able to recognize

the former self, wrinkled

hollow, patched skin

Cracks, folds open up 

Oozing dry white lumps 

lose bosoms hanging out

Echoing a common tale

 sordid but mundane

An ordinary but of millions

Unrecognized in sea of people

Burden of sagging skin 

Bulbous bones and aching heart

Falling sideways, a deep sigh..

Not able to recognize the

former self… consuming my 

new self, breathing  my new

skins, adorning my present bones

I simply moved on as time got over! 




43 thoughts on “Mirror”

    1. Thanks Roshan and you observation is spot on, it’s a race with time. You are a great reader! Truly appreciate it!

    1. That’s very true Warren, accepting who we are and appreciating is the key. And yes beauty lies with in. truly appreciate your read!

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